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Sharing my Experience at CWoD

Hello Everyone, Before I start talking about my experience of Externship with Winter of Doing , Let me actually explain first What is ‘’ and what does ‘EXTERNSHIP’ mean.

What is a Externship :-

Externship is similar to Internship where you get a learning opportunity for a shorter period which is actually provided by some educational institution or community in collaboration or in partnership with company for a practice learning experience. Due to a shorter time period it can be easily completed by students in their winter or summer break and hence is very helpful.

What is :- is a platform that empowers developers to crack real-world industry problems and 'learn by doing' with a mission to empower developers with high-quality applied-learning opportunities. Link to the site :- Crio.Do | Project-Based Learning Platform for Developers


My Externship journey with took off on 9 Jan 2021. There are totally 3 stages for this Externship Program. The Externship is in association with CRED, Groww, Jumbotail, AWS, Recko, Slice and Vicara. In this You pay nothing, your effort is the only investment.

Stage 1 (Warm-Up) :-

  • Here you have to Complete Crio’s hands-on learning modules which are HTTP, REST API, Linux, Git Basics, AWS
  • As a bonus and additional learning resource in stage 1 you have a Full-Stack development Sprint. In which there are three modules- HMTL And CSS , JavaScript and QProfile( A Portfolio Web App).
  • The Duration for Sage 1 is- Jan 9th to Jan 24th
  • Here Benefits of completing Stage 1 are- Assured Crio Scholarships and Qualification to Stage 2 (Preparation) based on performance.

Stage 2 (Preparation) :-

  • Here you get Complete Crio’s hands-on learning modules to get introduced to backend and frontend concepts and the tech stacks required for the externship
  • Her you have to complete a timed coding challenge and a mini-project.
  • Completing this will give Benefits like Additional Crio Scholarships and Selection for company externships based on performance.

Stage 3 (Externships / Projects) :-

  • In this you get assigned to an externship project based on your performance and fit
  • Then you Deliver the project as per the project plan and demo the final project to the company
  • Completing this will give Benefits as Real project experience in top startups , Externship certificate from Crio and the Tech Startup and Access to Masterclass sessions

My Experience With Stage 1 (Warm-up) :-

The Stage 1 started on 9 Jan 2021, with a live session on YouTube. There at the session we were given an Introductory explanation to the whole journey with which will be full of challenges and fun. We were told about different parts of each stage and how to accomplish them. We were told about all the necessary Bytes( At Micro Learning Experiences are called Bytes) we have to complete by deadline and the additional bytes. The main moto of the whole program is to teach us # Learn By Doing.

The Micro-Experiences (Bytes) :-

We had to complete all the compulsory bytes by the given deadline which earlier was 17 Jan 2021. By this deadline we were also supposed to complete the Full-Stack Sprint. So totally we had to give around 10–15 Hours a week which was quite Challenging but with lots of fun. But I will tell you a twist about the deadlines Later. Let me give a debrief about the bytes : -

HTTP Byte :-

This byte was to give us knowledge about the HTTP and how it works. We used Linux command like cURL to understand about the HTTP working and understand different HTTP request methods.

REST Byte :-

This was to teach us about the REST API’s and why we need them. And how to make REST API calls

Linux Byte :-

The main task of understanding the Linux was to get rid of the fear of using a terminal. We were given knowledge about basic commands, file management and how to automate tasks using Linux commands.

AWS Byte :-

The moto of the Byte was to give us knowledge about how to deploy your app using AWS console. Here we deployed a food ordering App which can be accessed by anyone using the server. The app was Qeats.

Git Byte :-

The aim of this Byte was to give us knowledge about a Version Control System like Git. Here we used Git and with different terminal commands we pushed and pulled the code from git.

The Full Stack Sprint :-

As an additional learning we were supposed to complete the full stack byte which consisted of HTML and CSS, JavaScript and QProfile Bytes. As per the schedule we were supposed to complete the compulsory Bytes by 15 Jan and after that from 16 Jan to 17 Jan we had to complete Full Stack Sprint. But in the deadlines date there was a twist which I will tell you after this. First Let be give summary about Full Stack Bytes.

HTML And CSS Byte :-

This byte was to give us knowledge about HTML for building webpages and the CSS which is used to style the Webpages. Here we were given knowledge about different properties of HTML And CSS.

QPrep JavaScript :-

This byte consisted of JavaScript and its functionalities like conditional statements, looping statements, promises, Objects, handling exceptions and Fetch API’s.

QProfile (The Portfolio Web App) :-

This was the final byte of all the bytes. Here we were given a partially completed code as we were supposed to learn by understanding the code. The code for fronted was in React with Gatsby Library. The backend for the web app was written with Node.js. We were given tasks where we have to write some part of code so to complete the linkage between frontend and backend. Also we used Github API for showing our projects in the web app. For the deployment we used Netlify to deploy frontend and to deploy backend we used Heroku.

The link to my Portfolio web App is :- Aaditya Singhal | Portfolio (

More About the Bytes :-

While doing all the bytes it was a very challenging and fun experience as we learned by doing. Also while learning a byte there were different tasks and at the end of task we had MCQs for checking our knowledge and how well we learnt during each task. Hence it became more exciting while completing these bytes.

Below is my progress after completing all the bytes with the additional bytes.

We were given marks out of 10 for each byte we completed based on our performance

Other Activities :-

Apart of these micro-experiences we were given some fun activities ,so that in our free time we can do that. During Stage 1 we were given two fun activities- One was Finding Sherlock and other was Bring the Data Scientist in you. For the first one we were given log files and were asked few questions related to it and for the second one we had to use the Qeats app which we deployed and get logs from it when people ordered from the app and analyze it.

We Also had some live interactions with some great personalities on YouTube. We had the live session with Binny Bansal (Co-Founder - xto10x and Co-Founder - Flipkart) , Fireside Chat with Vivek Ravisankar(Co-Founder HackerRank) and Expert Chat with Karan MV (Developer Relations GitHub) which was a amazing experience.

Help And Support:-

For the entire challenge , if we had any issue or problem or if we are unable to solve a task we had a great community for help and support. At during Winter of Doing we all were added to their Slack Group. There were different channels for all the bytes so that we can ask relevant questions in the relevant group. Also in the Slack there were people from Crio’s Team for mentoring and helping us. And this helped me a lot. Whenever I had a issue , I used to ask in the Slack and I always got instant reply from the community. Also we were given opportunities to help others in slack to solve their problems and I also tried my best to solve others problem so to return a great learning to community present there.

Challenges :-

During Stage 1 we came across many challenges but at last I completed the task. There were assessments in each byte to test our knowledge and also to judge our performance , sometimes I also faced difficulties in solving these. I got stuck at the JavaScript byte assessment as I was new to it and I got stuck at handling Exception part, But Thanks to the Very helpful Slack Community at , where they helped me out and After that I clearly Understood about the handling exception concept in JavaScript. The challenge which I faced and the whole community including was that during the stage 1 full stack sprint which was on 16 Jan the servers of theirs got down and all of us faced the problem and we were not able to access the workspace as there was 15x more traffic on their site then usual days. This problem continued for two days and no one was able to access the workspace. So seeing this whole problem Crio extended the deadline of stage 1 to 24 Jan. And From 18 Jan servers got back again and we all took a relief and got back to work again. An interesting Fact about this is that during the period when servers were down announced a Meme War on Slack. And we all enjoyed that war.

Conclusion :-

Crio Winter of Doing is a perfect externship program for those who are looking to develop good tech skills as per the industry standards and it gives a great exploitation on how to build a consumer ready project. How to solve challenges during learning. Its a great to program for those who are looking for Learning By Doing type work. Till the end of Stage 1 I got to learn many new things and got introduced to amazing concepts and I hope that I will be able to complete the Stage 2 and Stage 3 also with the same Energy and Passion.

Thankyou For providing me such a great platform for learning.

#Crio #CWoD #ShareYourLearning #LearnbyDoing

References:- Website

My Portfolio Link Aaditya Singhal | Portfolio (



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